post in iiinglish

Since I'm at the library, and they don't have the Swedish keyboard (weird huh?), I figured that I would write a post in English. It's been a while so it's pretty fair.

To mum and dad, I am sorry. I think you will understand the most of it, but otherwise I will translate when I'll get my ass back home.

Anyway, I just looked through some pictures on Google Albums. Hello, Control Society. Everything is really saved up, stored and locked into the chamber of the Internet and is there to view for the entire world. A small comfort was that I got very nostalgic when I browsed through the pics. I saw a lot of photos from Amsterdam and all of my travels. Even from the summer in Sweden.
I really miss Amsterdam and it doesn't suck that much to go back, I guess.
Well, honestly I don't know how I feel.

For some reason, I changed.
That's not that too unexpected tho.
In the beginning I struggled so much trying to express my feelings in English but never managed to say the right words.
Nowadays, I feel more comfortable speaking and writing in English.
Like this post for instants.
I don't think that I could write the same post in Swedish.
I have a lot of mixed feelings about it.

Reality is hitting me and it is time to start to think about going back.
Booking my ticket and so on.
But when that is done I will enjoy the hell out of this place.

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