This is what I'll be studying next quarter. I'm so psyched!

COGN 20. Introduction to Communication (4)

An historical introduction to the development of the means of human communication, from language and early symbols through the introduction of writing, printing, and electronic media, to today’s digital and multimedia revolution. Examines the effect of communications media on human activity, and the historical forces that shape their development and use. Offered fall, winter, and spring quarters.

1. Introduction to Art Making: Two-Dimensional Practices (4)

An introduction to the concepts and techniques of art making with specific reference to the artists and issues of the twentieth century. Lectures and studio classes will examine the nature of images in relation to various themes. Drawing, painting, found objects, and texts will be employed. Prerequisites: none. This course is offered only one time each year.

40. Introduction to Computing in the Arts (4)

(Cross-listed with ICAM 40.) An introduction to the conceptual uses and historical precedents for the use of computers in art making. Preparation for further study in the computer arts area by providing overview of theoretical issues related to the use of computers by artists. Introduces the students to the program’s computer facilities and teaches them basic computer skills. Prerequisites: none. Materials fee required.

70N. Introduction to Media (6)

Operating as both a lecture and production course, this introductory class provides a technical foundation and theoretical context for all subsequent production-oriented film and video studies. In the laboratory, the student will learn the basic skills necessary to initiate video production. Completion of Visual Arts 70N is necessary to obtain a media card. Prerequisites:none. Materials fee required.

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