Finally, I have a home

Lately, it seems like everyone is moving to a nice place with their own garden and open fire place. Well, maybe not really like that, but sorta. I've been assigned to be the handy, strong moving chick who carries your heavy stuff all summer long. I've also been in to a billion interior design stores, which I kinda like since I’m pretty interested in that shit. However, all these activities raises the question, when is Ceci going to settle down and get here own place? When is Ceci going to grow up and choose a country/city that she likes enough to stay in for more than 6-12 months? (*true story, longest time I’ve lived in one place is 12 months, I think…)

But not to worry, folks. I’ve finally found home. This morning I woke up as any other day, but on Facebook I had received a msg saying that our rooms are online and we can check it out, and guess what? (you’re not very smart if you can’t, just sayin). I got a single room on campus, really close to my classes and will be living with 4 other ppl (sharing the common room) from CA. Guess who spent the morning stalking my future homies on google? Not me.

I will be staying there for 3 quarters, about 9 months or so. Maybe 9½? So even though it’s not longer that 12 months at least I’ll be in the same place for almost one year.

Drawing this map, made me realize something, aside from the fact that I’m an awesome artist, (Picasso who?) and that ppl actually can't see anything that I drew in paint, is that I did stay at 2 places more than 12 months. Back at my parents house and my first place in Lund.

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